10/29/2019 By Eli

With high speed data transfer, instant communication, and a world of information at our fingertips, many small business owners consider a centralized physical office to be an unnecessary expense. Yet many of the amenities and perks that come with these spaces are just the edge that independent entrepreneurs need to keep up with – or ahead of – the competition. So how does one cut the cord on an office while keeping the benefits of having a corporate address, call answering services, mail receiving, and an impressive, executive suite for meetings with clients and investors?

This is exactly why Nexus 1201 offers the Atlanta Virtual Office. But while the Virtual Office package offers freedom to work from home, coffee shops, on the road, or wherever you like, adjusting to an alternative work space can be a challenge for some. When the rigidity and structure of an office lifestyle is what keeps you motivated, how do you translate that focus and discipline to a more relaxed environment? Here are a few tips that might help -

1. First of All: Don’t Sweat It


The numbers are already on your side. A 2-year study from Stanford showed that people who work from home are more productive, more engaged, and healthier than those who spent every day at the office. You’ll soon find that you’re likely to be more engaged and spend more actual time working, as “work-from-home employees work a true full-shift (or more) versus being late to the office or leaving early multiple times a week.”

2. Know Thyself (and Thy Distractions)


You’re bound to be your own worst enemy, so be sure to eliminate those things that you know will pull your attention. Musical background noise has proven to be beneficial to productivity, creativity, and focus – but if you’re the type to slide around the room belting rock and roll into a candlestick, you might want to stick to classical tunes.Tech Republic suggests creating a defined office space, far from the couch and television, where your brain still knows that you are at work. Posting a schedule, getting dressed for work, and adding a dry erase board to visualize your ideas are other ways to “trick” yourself into feeling like you’re in your workday.

3. Become A Master of Time


It’s important to set a schedule for yourself and try to stick to it. But that’s something that can be discouraging when you don’t live up to your own expectations or start to fall behind. So more importantly still is learning what the best schedule is for you. Some say the early bird catches the worm, but maybe you find that you’re motivated later in the day. Lean into that and adjust your schedule accordingly. Establish firm break times that don’t interrupt your flow, but allow you to stay clear headed and motivated. And most of all, don’t get discouraged. Building new habits takes time, and as with all things, success demands failure. You’ll soon find the schedule that works for you and become a master of your own time!

4. Change It Up


Having a dedicated office space at home saves you money, commute time, and all the stresses that come with going to the office, but variety is the spice of life. Take a day or two a week out of the house and try working at a coffee shop or library. These spaces tend to have an atmosphere dedicated to focus and creativity, and the change in scenery will keep your mood elevated, your mind sharp, and your sanity in tact! Or on a beautiful day, charge that laptop to its fullest and try a nice table outdoors in a park or on a restaurant patio.

5. Go Home!


Setting a schedule isn’t just about getting work done in a timely fashion, it’s also about stopping yourself from burning out. When your day is done, stop! Even if you’re in a home office, it’s best to turn your work off at a designated time, step away, and consider yourself gone for the day. This may require setting firm boundaries not only for yourself, but for your clients and coworkers as well. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re at work whenever you’re at home. Overworking, exhaustion, and ultimately anxiety and depression can be a crushing and dangerous hole to sink into if you’re not careful. So take care of yourself and have an established end to your work day.

Ultimately the best way to work from home or on the road is to treat it just like working at an office. Firm boundaries, no distractions, and dedicated breaks are always the best way to stay productive and motivated. But being able to do those on your own terms, all while saving a huge chunk of your capital on a physical space is what Nexus 1201’s Virtual Office program is all about. As an Executive suite rental agency, Virtual Office Atlanta offers a variety of options for different prices, including flexible workspaces, mail handling, virtual assistants, and conference room rentals. Check out our website today and see which package is right for you and your business!