Nexus 1201 Featured Community Member Profile: Attorney Ichechi Alikor

By Alexis Lloyd

At Nexus 1201 we love to highlight our incredible group of members as often as possible. In this blog we had the pleasure of speaking with Attorney, Ichechi Alikor, an active virtual member at Nexus 1201. We are excited to share more about her story and endeavors that led her down this career path.

Key Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Atlanta


Modern problems require modern solutions. This statement perfectly fits the contemporary organizations and the requirements of the modern office setups.

Explaining Mailbox Service Provided by Companies Offering Virtual Offices in Atlanta


The modern organizational culture demands businesses to take futuristic steps to fulfill the demands of a progressive marketplace. The companies providing virtual offices in Atlanta offer virtual mailbox services as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Virtual Office in Atlanta


Virtual offices in Atlanta and around the US is becoming the norm and has been for quite some time now. With the increase in the number of online businesses, the popularity of virtual offices is only going to continue to grow.

How Can Getting a Virtual Office in Atlanta Boost Your Business’s Productivity?


There has been a growing need for virtual office spaces since the global pandemic started in 2020. Physical offices and workplaces have either been shut down completely or have been forced to work at a lower capacity.

What is a Virtual Office, and How Does it Work in Atlanta?


Remote business operations are becoming a norm, and it is more common than ever for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small organizations, including freelancers, to operate remotely. However, while remote operations are an excellent option for most small to medium companies, they lack a physical workspace's perks.

What Features Do Our Meeting Room Rentals Offer?


Are you a small business owner, freelancer, or employee looking for flexible space to work on a one-off basis? Our meeting room rentals offer the perfect solution. So, if you are in Atlanta looking to rent meeting rooms, following are the facilities you can benefit from.

How Can Our Atlanta Virtual Office Services Help You Save Costs?


Running a small business isn’t easy, and if you are venturing into an industry, it can be even more difficult due to limited funds availability. If you want to make profits as a small or new business, you have to control your costs and keep them as low as possible.

7 Benefits of Looking for Virtual Offices Near You


With evolving trends, there are various “workplace setting” options that can help businesses grow. Especially with start-ups continuing to increase almost by the day, people need cost-effective spaces that are comfortable and convenient. If you’re also looking for a space with similar features, consider the Nexus 1201 virtual offices.

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5 Ways To Be Productive Anywhere with A Virtual Office

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With high speed data transfer, instant communication, and a world of information at our fingertips, many small business owners consider a centralized physical office to be an unnecessary expense. Yet many of the amenities and perks that come with these spaces...

Featured Community Member Profile: Attorney Shatorree Bates

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Here at Nexus 1201, it's important for us to cultivate a strong sense of community. The twenty-third floor of One Atlantic Center is so much more than just elegant, comfortable offices; we provide a professionally diverse environment for connections to be ma...

The Amazing, Unstoppable Growth of Midtown ATL

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Midtown Atlanta is one of the hottest markets in the country right now. Whether looking at the growth in business ventures, development, tourism, or population, it’s plain to see that the heart of one of America’s fastest growing cities is the best place t...

Supporting Your Most Valuable Asset: Yourself

09/17/2019 By Eli

In our last blog, we discussed the value of maintaining an active gym routine, and the benefits of having a gym right in your own building, like the one we share at One Atlantic Center. But while a bit of cardio and weightlifting can keep you sharp, focused, a...

The Office Fitness Center: Three Ways Exercise Puts Entrepreneurs Ahead of the Game

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Living day to day in America, we're so inundated with the idea of fitness, that the noise almost fades into the background. Celebrity workouts, diet trends, and health tracking apps make it seem like such a dedicated hobby, that the busiest of us may feel th...

The Timeless Success of the Executive Office Suite

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The modern working space is a shifting, evolving subject with no shortage of opinions, studies, and articles on what's "right." From the Google-inspired open office plans of the early 2000's, to more recent shared coworking spaces filling the market to...

Atlanta, GA – The Perfect City For Small Business

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Atlanta is booming. In the heart of Georgia, the tenth fastest growing state in the country, this city is central to so many industries. From mega media companies like Turner and HBO, to major growth in the automotive industry, to Atlanta staples like Delta an...

Nexus 1201 Featured Community Member Profile: Attorney Ed Jones

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A Personal Injury Attorney Provides Comfort to Clients in Professional, Elegant Environment Here at Nexus 1201, it's important for us to cultivate a strong sense of community. The twenty-third floor of One Atlantic Center is so much more than just elegant, c...

Nexus 1201 is the Top Virtual Office & Coworking Space in Atlanta

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When you hear the term "virtual office", what is the first thing that comes to mind? A virtual reality simulation or some type of other digital office or coworking environment? More and more people are using digital methods to run their businesses....

Nexus 1201 Resident Spotlight: Nancy Goodman

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Nexus 1201: Why We Are The Best Office Suite Space in Midtown Atlanta

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Affordable luxury office spaces located in Midtown? Yes, you've read correctly. Nexus 1201 wants to give business owners a premier experience without a premium price. If you're looking for an office space for your team or even for yourself, Nexus 1201 is y...