09/17/2019 By Eli

In our last blog, we discussed the value of maintaining an active gym routine, and the benefits of having a gym right in your own building, like the one we share at One Atlantic Center. But while a bit of cardio and weightlifting can keep you sharp, focused, and confident, it takes more to truly maintain a healthy lifestyle when you spend a good part of your day working in an office.

Give your eyes a break


It’s all too common that we realize at the end of our workdays that we haven’t looked up from our screens for hours. Switching from laptops to tablets to phones can wreak havoc on our eyes, resulting in early declined vision, headaches, redness, and make you feel sleepy. Time has some good tips to reduce “computer vision syndrome”, such as repositioning your monitor, setting up proper lighting, and monitoring your posture. But among the most important steps is to take a break from your screen at regular intervals. Stepping outside or just walking around the office are a great method, but even without leaving your desk, lifting your sights from your screen and gazing out the window or down a long hallway can give your peepers the break they need.

Eat and snack better


One of the easiest things we let slip away in our busy, work-focused lives is healthy eating. How often do you have time for a healthy, balanced breakfast? Is that lunch break enough to get the nutrients you need? And after a long day, do you take the time to prepare a home-cooked meal for dinner? It’s no secret that eating better means feeling better, and maintaining a stable, healthy blood pressure and balancing your blood sugar leads to more productive days. So while making an effort to eat healthy may seem to take time you don’t have, consider it an investment in your business with strong economic payoffs, and you may start to think differently. Business Standard offers advice for adjusting your diet. Moderation is key, of course, and watching your daily intake of sugars and caffeine can have a profound impact on how you feel. But paying attention to your fruit and vegetable intake, healthy protein sources, and hydration levels will put you on a path to a longer, happier, more productive life.

Flex your mind


Your workday is full of problems, puzzles, and challenges that keep your mind racing. But this stressful workload can take a toll on your mental health and overall wellbeing. One of the most profound impacts you can have on your health without moving a muscle is through meditation. In addition to its effects on stress and anxiety, Psychology Today breaks down the scientifically proven results on your physical health as well. Your immune system improves, your inflammation recedes, and even general pain is reduced through a daily session of focused meditation.

Just a few simple steps each day can help you improve the most valuable asset in your business: You. Take the time and energy needed to improve yourself, and you’ll begin to see improvements in your productivity and business relations, and ultimately a huge boost in your path to success. For those seeking Executive office suites Atlanta that provide an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, Nexus 1201 offers a range of options to enhance your business presence and capabilities.