There has been a growing need for virtual office spaces since the global pandemic started in 2020. Physical offices and workplaces have either been shut down completely or have been forced to work at a lower capacity. The shift in how and where people have been working has impacted productivity of businesses that were used to operating out of a physical location. Luckily, there is always an option to set up a virtual office atlanta with the help of us at Nexus 1201. Let us do the day-to-day tasks and provide the incredible space, which will likely increase productivity. Unfortunately, a lot of small to medium business owners are not sure how setting up a virtual office will help their business grow. So, to help anyone who is looking for an answer to this question we have created this helpful guide and we encourage you read it until the end.

Benefits of setting up a virtual office with the help of Atlanta virtual office provider Nexus 1201

Setting up a virtual office is simpler than ever thanks to Atlanta executive suite based virtual office services provider, Nexus 1201. You can make sure that your business is running year-round without being put on halt due to political or global situations. And without further ado, here are some key benefits of setting up a virtual office:

Getting rid of distractions: When you are working from home or a coffee shop you are likely to be distracted by chores or the grinding of coffee beans. The distractions can add up and ultimately take away from the core business action items. However, going with a virtual office, you do not have the distractions that you would normally face during the day. You have a team answering your calls, along with a monthly allotment of hours to work from a productive meeting room or day office. We believe in efficient use of time and as an extension of your business, we are a confident that you will feel the distractions disappear with the virtual office services.

Better work-life balance: Work-life balance is critical for ultimate productivity and having the ability to swing by Nexus 1201 to work for a few hours helps create the desired balance. It’s a huge benefit to have the opportunity for social stimulation between interacting with our team supporting your business or the impromptu/formal meeting with another Nexus 1201 member.

You get an added benefit of a premium meeting space: As long as you are using our virtual office services you get the added benefit of being able to reserve 4 premium meeting spaces in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, in the iconic One Atlantic Center. You can reserve the meeting spaces by the hour or day with the member portal or by calling the Nexus 1201 team. You can also upgrade to one of our Atlanta office spaces as a stand-alone service and have a lasting impact on your clients that eventually boosts profits. But the best part is you do not have to pay monthly rent to keep using the meeting spaces. You can have the option to pay the hourly or daily fee for as needed usage.

These are just some ways a virtual office can help you in maintaining and even boosting your businesses’ productivity. So, if you are searching all over for “virtual offices near me” just contact us instead.