11/11/2019 By Eli

Moving into a new office is a lot like moving into a new home. You have a blank slate before you, with a wide range of exciting opportunities for placement, style, and function. But you're also met with the challenge of starting from scratch, finding a place for everything, and having to leave room to grow. While a larger office may seem like what you need, a more compact space can provide you with everything you need, saving you money while remaining comfortable and functional.



While small touches can define your style and give you ownership over your space, too many trinkets can be distracting, consume valuable shelf or desk space, and even appear unprofessional in excess. Try to decorate sparsely with small touches, and include inspiring or creative idea starters or tokens associated with your work. From saving you time and stress to improving your professional appearance, decluttering is full of benefits for you and your business.

Reduce Paper


How many of your shelves are stuffed with untouched binders or file boxes, or books with dated information that's readily available online? In the digital age, our physical footprint should be fractional to years past. Backup important documents to multiple servers, or keep a small external harddrive in a safe space. From the environmental impact, to the impact on your costs, organization, and square footage, reducing paper can change your workspace for the better. And you'll not only save space on the shelves, you'll also be able to…

Downsize Your Desk


Large desks used to be not only functional, but a symbol of strength in the business world. But now expansive, heavy wooden desks are a relic of the past. With all of our information online and most of our documents on the same screens, wide desk space is unnecessary. Breathe easier and reduce surfaces that are just an invitation to clutter.

Go From The Top Down

Vertical space is your best friend in smaller rooms. Wall mounted shelves that raise your (remaining necessary) items will make the most of a space that's otherwise unusable. Similarly, aim for ceiling mounted track lighting or desk lamps, rather than floor lamps which will crowd your breathing room.

Stand Up For Meetings

Research shows that standing meetings are not only shorter, but can be more productive than sitting meetings. Reduce the number of chairs in your office, and encourage meetings to take place on your feet. Discussions can be up to 25% shorter and by encouraging you to change positions more frequently, can have health benefits leading to more creative and focused idea generation.


These are just a few ways to make the most out of a smaller office space. When you're looking for your next space, consider downsizing and see if your business can function as efficiently. You may find cost-saving measures, or even a more useful and productive space. Additionally, consider the benefits of hiring virtual office services like those offered by Atlanta Virtual Office. Virtual offices can provide cost-effective solutions, professional business addresses, mail handling, and access to meeting rooms when needed, all without the overhead of a traditional office space.


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